Foods that Heal * Iron *
Author Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D.
Date: 1996/07/23



BEST SOURCES: Dulse; kelp; Irish moss; greens; unsulphured dried fruits;
liquid chlorophyll; black cherries; black berries; rice polishings and bran

OTHER GOOD SOURCES: agar; almonds; apricots; red bananas; beet greens;
blackberries; black strap molasses; black walnuts; butternuts; cashew nuts;
dandelion greens; dates; eggs; fennel; figs; goat milk; Irish moss; kale;
dried lentils; dried lima beans; millet; dried mung beans; mustard greens;
parsley; dried peaches; dried peas; dried pinto beans; dried prunes; pumpkin;
squash seeds; radishes; dried beans; hot red peppers; rye; sesame seeds;
dried soybeans; spinach; sprouts; sunflower seeds; Swiss chard; wheat bran and germ

It is good to note that boiling and soaking destroy iron causing a loss of
46 %. Foods should be cooked at low heat, preferably steamed, raw foods and
juices are best.

IRON TONICS: black cherry juice or blackberry juice or strawberry or
loganberry juice, with two eggs; beaten well; Celery; parsley; carrot juice
and liquid chlorophyll; Black mission figs; goat milk; rice polishings;
vanilla; Nut milk drink sweetened with raisins or dates.

IRON IN THE HUMAN BODY: The "frisky horse" element
Ensures (with oxygen) vitality, magnetism , optimism, will and courage;
transforms to hematin to carry oxygen to cells; attracts oxygen to the body;
promotes usefulness; improves circulation, digestion, elimination,
respiration; increases tissue oxidation; helps deter colds; iron and oxygen
work together in burning up waste material; promotes vitality and ambition.

BIOCHEMICAL NOTES: Oxidizes rapidly; Dissolves in water
* The hemoglobin in the red corpuscles in the blood contain iron. If
there is a lack of hemoglobin there is usually low oxidation in the
blood. Iron attracts oxygen to the blood which is vital in taking
care of our health. When you lack iron, you also lack oxygen.

* Drug iron is not recommended because it is not organized iron, you
need organized iron that comes from foods such as wild blackberries.
Drug iron taken for a long time may harmfully affect the kidneys.
There is more iron in a dish of blackberries than in four gallons of
cow's milk.

* When there is a lack of iron there is a great possibility of lacking
potassium also.

* We are told that iron is used over and over in the body, which is
relatively true. The iron is broken down in the menstrual cycle and is
lost. When there is lack of iron, the menstrual function is painful.
The muscles also use iron which is broken down and eliminated out of
the body, so we need a new supply.

* The duodenum is the iron absorber in the body. If the duodenum is
unable to take up the iron, the iron will not be absorbed, this may be
due to a toxic bowel. Low iron may also result from fasting or
"calorie" counting diets and from eating refined or processed foods.
When one has a weak stomach, he is not able to absorb the iron from
bran. In cases like this, it is best to fall back on blackberry juice.

* Babies and children have iron in abundance and do not need a high iron
diet, they need a diet high in alkaline salts. People who suffer from
sulphur gas also suffer from low oxidation and yet there may be
nothing wrong with their blood count.